Male-dominated industries and occupations employ fewer women and are particularly vulnerable to masculine stereotypes that make it even more difficult for women to excel. Senior leadership teams that are dominated by men set the tone for talent management norms where masculine stereotypes can influence promotion and development opportunities. Catalyst research discovered that talent management systems can be vulnerable to pro-male biases, which results in less diverse employee pools.

At this Catalyst Europe Roundtable, we will bring together experts, business leaders, advisors, and role models across companies to share knowledge, network, and participate in a lively discussion.

Join us to hear about strategies and practices for enhancing women’s opportunities in male-dominated work environments. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Chances and barriers women face in male-dominated industries;
  • The myth that high-potential women and men receive the same leadership-development opportunities;
  • Why women are still less likely than men to have access to two critical career advancement strategies: roles with P&L responsibility and highly visible projects; and
  • What women can do to maximize their access to these so-called “hot jobs” that are so essential to their career advancement.

This roundtable is complimentary for Catalyst Supporters but space is limited – early registration is highly recommended. Dr. Isabelle Kürschner, Catalyst Europe Ambassador to the Germanic Region will facilitate the discussion.

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