Catalyst Europe is pleased to announce an expert panel discussion titled, “How to Argue the Business Case for Diversity,” hosted by Dell in Munich/Aschheim.

Today, it is broadly accepted that workplace diversity can lead to increased revenues, reduced costs, greater innovation, and better employee engagement, productivity, and commitment. But still, leaders working to create diverse and inclusive workplaces in which women can advance are often met with resistance from decision makers. Therefore it is essential to make a compelling business case to link diversity initiatives and business goals.

This high level discussion will feature Ilene H. Lang, President and CEO of Catalyst, MEP Dr. Angelika Niebler, Dr. Bettina Orlopp, Partner at McKinsey & Company, and Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe, Chair of Strategy and Organization at TU Munich. Sibylle Rupprecht, Catalyst Europe Executive Director, and Dr. Isabelle Kürschner, Catalyst Europe Ambassador to the Germanic Region, will facilitate the conversation. Please RSVP to [email protected].

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