Like the results of a temperature check or a blood test, your answers to key talent questions are important indicators of your workplace health. But which questions lead to the most critical vital signs? And how can you use the answers—your vital signs—to determine where you are doing well and diagnose and treat any talent issues?

Vital Signs is a members-only benefit and approach to using workforce data and information to assess your diversity and inclusion “health” and drive change. With tools, insights, events, and opportunities to connect with others, we help you diagnose where your organization excels and where it is stuck, taking you behind the numbers, testing assumptions that get in the way, and deepening understanding, so that you can define appropriate goals and create sustainable change.

As a Catalyst member, you are invited to join Vandana Juneja, Membership Manager, Catalyst, as she discusses the Catalyst Vital Signs toolkit and how it can help you:

  • Evaluate your talent decisions, to understand who you are developing and advancing, set goals, and test assumptions that may be preventing your employees from reaching their full potential.

  • Tell the story of your talent pipeline, using workforce data to discover the historical patterns driving your numbers and inform future talent decisions and activities.  

This event is complimentary and available to employees of Catalyst Canada member companies.

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