Connections and Communities That Count

Catalyst events span the globe, addressing topics vital to women in the workplace. These innovative gatherings, whether large or small, virtual or in-person, connect attendees, inspire action, and advance our transformative vision of changing workplaces and changing lives. A sampling of our prestigious and enlightening events includes:

  • Annual dinners, including the Catalyst Awards Dinner and Catalyst Canada Honours.
  • CEO Summits convening top executives to address the topic of women’s advancement.
  • Conferences shaping diversity and inclusion discourse.
  • Webinars allowing world-class speakers to share their stories across time zones.
  • Exclusive Catalyst member events.
  • Research launches.
  • Knowledge-sharing roundtables.

These and other Catalyst events, together with attendees’ commitment to use these occasions to learn from one another, demonstrate the respect participants have for our expertise and the community that we have created. 


Want an attention grabbing event kick-off idea for your next Diversity & Inclusion event?

At our 2015 Catalyst Award Conference we topped every attendee table with an inventive and engaging table activity, giving each individual at the 10-seat round their own personalized tasks related to a variety of diversity and inclusion topics. It was a big hit! 


To learn more about Catalyst's virtual and in-person events, view our Events Calendar, contact Michael J. Chamberlain, Vice President, Global Marketing, and sign up for our RSS feeds

We hope to see you and your organization at a future Catalyst event.