“Women Can” And “I Am a Catalyst”: Two Sides of the Same Coin

May 20, 2013Last year we launched “I Am A Catalyst” and last week we unveiled our new Women Can campaign. Wondering how they fit together? They’re two sides of the same coin!

Women Can is about harnessing top talent to create dynamic and inclusive workplaces. It’s about sweeping away embedded societal and workplace stereotypes that limit women’s opportunities to grow, to contribute to their fullest potential, and to lead. It’s about empowering women to succeed with hard work, smart strategies, and committed advocates.

I Am A Catalyst is about realizing that anyone can become a Catalyst for change by taking action in everyday life. Those who embrace the I Am A Catalyst message know how crucial it is to emphasize that Women Can do anything while being themselves. They champion talented women and push for changes in workplace culture that will enable women to advance further and faster.  

These campaigns are really two sides of the same coin. They’re about challenging the status quo and asking not just “What’s wrong with this picture?” but also, “What can I do to fix it?” They’re about reminding ourselves—and each other—that women can make it to the top, and that each of us as individuals has the power to step up and drive change. 

We hope you’ll be inspired to join us on this exciting journey. What does Women Can mean to you? How can we bring women and men on board? Please share your thoughts with us and each other!


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Sheryl Sandberg is a Catalyst. How about you?

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