Profiles in Disruption: When Women Outnumber Men

October 20, 2014Catalyst’s new #DisruptTheDefault campaign is a call to action for individuals and companies to make bold moves that forge meaningful change for women and men in the workplace—and the world! It’s also about showcasing how others are doing this in their lives and their companies.

Each and every one of us has the power to #DisruptTheDefault and change the way we think and act, and to challenge others to do the same.

In our new Profiles in Disruption blog series, we’ll introduce you to role models who are taking concrete steps to create a better world for women, men, girls, and boys.  

Gwen RyanMeet: Gwen Ryan, EY Global Delivery Network, Tax Service Line Leader in Bangalore, India. Gwen has devoted her career to shaking things up, challenging the status quo, and making meaningful change for women—at EY and around the world! 

What would you say is one of your team’s greatest assets?

EY’s Tax group is 65% female—and the quality of our work is 100% outstanding! The high percentage of women in our group is symbolic of a larger phenomenon: women are joining the workforce in greater numbers all over the world.

How have you challenged the status quo at EY?

We were curious to learn what career advancement strategies work for our women, so we recently gave our managers copies of Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller Lean In and set aside some time to reflect on the book and explore how it connects to our personal career experiences.

Everyone has a unique story. During our Lean In discussion, we talked about some of the challenges of moving up the career ladder and how we have dealt with them. It’s all about investing time and thought in finding the most effective way to bridge the gap between your professional and personal worlds. It can be through family support, leveraging organizational policies, setting goals for career growth, or a combination of these. And culture, which is ever-changing, plays a key role in determining how much you want to advance in your career.

As women we are willing to make hard choices. We are very clear about which things we can give up and which are non-negotiable, and that clarity is an enormous asset.

Join Gwen and other “disruptors” in saying “no” to the status quo by taking our pledge today.



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