A New Year—and a New Era for Women in Business

January 2, 2014Each new year brings the gift of a fresh start. For me, it’s always been a hopeful time, when anything and everything feels possible. So, as I begin my tenure as Catalyst’s new CEO, I want to share with you my most cherished hopes for 2014. I have a tough act to follow. Ilene Lang has been a mentor, a friend, and a true inspiration to me. And I intend to carry her outstanding legacy forward as Catalyst renews our commitment to breaking down the glass ceilings, sticky floors, and closed doors that face the women and girls of the world at all stages of their lives and careers.    

During my travels for Catalyst, the stories I hear remind me that two fundamental truths span geographies and cultures: women have babies and men have power. But while it's true that men may never be biologically equipped to bear children, we are all equipped to share power—and the sooner we learn to do so, the faster our lives will improve. Women have as much ambition as men. They want to learn, grow, achieve, and succeed, and they want to be recognized and rewarded for their talents. And more men than ever report wanting to spend time at home—to nurture their children, strengthen their relationships, and enjoy their hobbies. 

Catalyst is here to help make these dreams a reality for men, women, and families around the globe. How can we lead happy lives at work and at home? By creating workplaces where focus, dedication, and results matter more than physical presence or logging hours.  By trusting women to lead—and trusting men to pack school lunches. By letting women and men alike know there’s nothing they can’t do, whether it’s leading a company, running a marathon, or caring for a child. 

Together we can reshape the way we work—and make 2014 a year of new possibilities for everyone.


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