Become an Inclusive Leader in Two Easy Steps

February 16, 2015Step One: turn on your computer.

Step Two: register for Catalyst’s unprecedented online course on inclusive leadership training.

That’s it! Anyone’s welcome. And with just a little bit of time and effort, everyone—you, me, people all over the world—can learn how to become a better leader.

Catalyst’s first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is called “Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader.” It’s an introduction to inclusive leadership, a practice that brings out the best in people by emphasizing the importance of traits like accountability, empowering others, and being courageous and humble.

You can be an inclusive leader regardless of your title or role. This type of leadership is more than being the person who tells everyone else what to do. It’s about showing others what’s possible, and empowering and holding them accountable for getting there. Inclusive leaders also demonstrate courage and humility and are not afraid to take one for the team.

And now, thanks to Catalyst, the opportunity to learn these skills is more accessible than ever! MOOCs are a way for carefully selected colleges, universities, and institutions—like Catalyst!—to share their expertise and knowledge with anyone, anywhere on the planet.

What can you expect from Catalyst’s first MOOC?

  • It’s four weeks long.

  • It requires about an hour of engagement each week, though that doesn’t have to be in one sitting.

  • Expect a mix of short video instruction, concise readings, activities both on the platform and in the real world, and interactive discussions with a global community of learners.

  • There are no set times you need to be online. Although the course material for Week 1 launches on February 18, 2015, at 17:00 UTC, you can join the course after that to start watching, sharing, and learning. It’s a good idea to plan on starting the course sometime in that first week so you can learn at roughly the same rate as the other participants.

That’s the beauty of online courses: they are extremely flexible and adaptable to your life! You can engage with the course off and on throughout each week while at work, at school, at a café, or at home in your pajamas—wherever.

To share our groundbreaking inclusive leadership research far and wide, Catalyst has partnered with edX, one of the world’s leading online learning platforms. edX was founded by Harvard and MIT and works closely with 65 prestigious schools and partners, including Catalyst, that provide high-quality course content from all over the world. More than 3 million people representing every country have already taken courses on edX, and about 70% of edX learners come from outside of the United States.

As an edX instructor, I can tell you firsthand that this course will have a profound effect on your leadership skills now and into the future. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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