Vital Signs

Leading to Change in Your Organization


Like the results of a temperature check or a blood test, your answers to key talent questions are important indicators of your workplace health. But which questions lead to the most critical vital signs? And how can you use the answers—your vital signs—to determine where you are doing well and diagnose and treat any talent issues?

Chock full of key questions, step-by-step directions, compelling and customizable visuals, and leading practices, Vital Signs is a unique and focused approach to strengthening and diversifying your talent pipeline.

Making it Easy to Get to Insight: The Vital Signs Toolkit

Many organizations are ready to diversify their talent pipeline, yet are unsure what to pay attention to or where to start. Other organizations feel like they are drowning in data, with lots of reports but no meaningful picture of what’s going on with talent and why. We’ve designed Vital Signs for both.

By asking the right questions, some dependent on workforce data for answers and others not, a clearer picture of your talent emerges, sparking often surprising insights into your organization’s opportunities to become more inclusive and diverse. Grounded in Catalyst research and consulting experience, the Vital Signs toolkit helps you evaluate your talent decisions or tell the story of your talent pipeline using workforce data.

Need advice on where or how to start? See our “Navigation Map” based on common challenges, or the Guide to Telling Your Story With Data, which outlines the steps to take to develop a meaningful story from your workforce data, and summarizes key workforce data insights from the Vital Signs: Using Your Data to Close the Gaps tool.


How to Do a Key Metrics Comparison

This two-minute video shows you one way to put your data together to identify gaps more easily and for impact with stakeholders.


Button Listen Sponsorship in Action

This one-minute audio clip contains a sponsorship exercise one Catalyst supporter used for impacting its talent pipeline. 


Catalyst Supporters can listen to recordings of Vital Signs webinars.

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