Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias exists in each person’s world view, affecting our behavior from the classroom to the workplace. We don’t necessarily feel it, but many of those around us do. As a result, unconscious bias creates barriers to inclusion, performance, engagement, and, ultimately, innovation. And while we cannot completely rid ourselves of unconscious bias, learning how to mitigate its impact is a skill that everyone can learn.

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Future of Work

Inside the 2019 Catalyst Awards: Highlights From the Day

What does the [email protected] look like for women? That’s what over 800 business leaders came to discuss at the 2019 Catalyst Awards…

Unconscious Bias

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier for Confronting Gender Bias

These tech startups are using AI to try to make gender bias in the workplace a thing of the past.…

Unconscious Bias

IWD 2019: What “Balance for Better” Means to Me

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton reflects on the power of words to change the balance.


Webinar Recording: International Women’s Day 2019

Over the course of this webinar, we shared information you and your organization can use to create a more inclusive…

Unconscious Bias

Catalyst Launches #BiasCorrect Campaign to Tackle Unconscious Gender Bias in the Workplace on International Women’s Day

“Words can be barriers to women’s advancement. It’s time for action this International Women’s Day." —Lorraine Hariton, President, CEO, Catalyst…


Accelerating Inclusion in Western Canada Every Day

Learn what Catalyst is doing to help organizations accelerate inclusion in Western Canada.

Unconscious Bias

Infographique: Brisez le cycle

Éliminer les biais liés au genre dans les systèmes de gestion des talents.


Webinar: International Women’s Day

Join this webinar to learn how you and your organization can create a more inclusive workplace for all individuals. Read…

Unconscious Bias

Sharing Failures Leads To Learning Opportunities For All

In the spirit of a new year and a fresh start, some Catalyst thought leaders share stories of failure and…

Talent Management Practices

Five Things You Need To Know About Our New “Break The Cycle” Toolkit

Learn about Catalyst's newest toolkit, Break the Cycle—Eliminating Gender Bias in Talent Management Systems.

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: Break the Cycle—Eliminating Gender Bias in Talent Management Systems

Download this infographic to learn how gender bias can seep into your talent management system.

Talent Management Practices

Tool: Break the Cycle—HR Experts: Eliminating Gender Bias From the Recruitment Process

HR Experts: Learn more about how to revamp your current methods by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Manager Development

Tool: Break the Cycle—Managers: Eliminating Gender Bias in Development Opportunities

Managers: Learn how to ensure you are giving equal access to “hot jobs” by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Unconscious Bias

Tool: Break the Cycle—Senior Leaders: Self-Assessment and Action Plan

Senior Leaders: Learn more about setting the right tone with your behavior by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership

Gender stereotypes and the “think leader, think male” mindset create a no-win situation for women leaders. 

Unconscious Bias

Infographique: La double contrainte des femmes en matière de leadership

Condamnées ou vouées à l'échec. Trop douces. Trop dures. Jamais parfaites.

Engaging Men

Infographique: Un nouveau scenario hommes

Cessez d'utiliser ces mots courants qui empêchent les hommes d'être authentiques au travail.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Infographique: Un nouveau scenario race et origine ethnique

Même avec les meilleures intentions, nous pouvons dire ou faire des choses qui sont vexantes et blessantes.

Engaging Men

Infographic: Flip the Script: Men in the Workplace

Stop using common words and phrases that undermine men's ability to bring their whole authentic selves to work.

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: Flip the Script: Women in the Workplace

Stop using these common words, which harm women's advancement opportunities, and focus on performance and outcomes instead.