Take Charge of Your Career Workshop

A Win-Win for Talent and Organizations

Your most talented employees have skills and expertise that your company needs. But do they also:

  • Know how to get ahead in your company?
  • Understand which advancement strategies are most effective?
  • Turn awareness into action in their own careers?

If they don’t know how to advance within your company culture, eventually they’ll find another place to work. Catalyst’s half-day Take Charge of Your Career workshop gives participants the tools they need to most effectively advance their careers within the context of your company. 

What’s in it for Employees

Workshop participants will identify advancement strategies, practice techniques, and formulate plans to effectively take charge of their careers. 

What’s in it for Organizations

Your employees get concrete tools to help them advance, allowing them to play an active role in their career path and demonstrating your commitment to developing from within.

Contact Ashley Rose Edgar at [email protected] for more information.