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Work-Life Effectiveness

Webinar: Flexible Work Arrangements

This webinar will discuss the benefits of workplace flexibility, bust myths about flexible work arrangements, and arm leaders with the tools and support they need to establish and effectively manage workplace flexibility.

Capital One—Flexible Work Solutions (FWS)

Capital One created its Flexible Work Solutions (FWS) initiative to enhance organizational performance and real-estate asset utilization while supporting better work-life integration for its thousands of associates. The FWS initiative, which began as a result of associate feedback, supports work when and where it is most effective by enabling mobility…
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Catalyst and ESSENCE Magazine Team Up to Examine the Emotional Tax Black Women Bear at Work

In its October 2016 report "Emotional Tax: How Black Women and Men Pay More at Work and How Leaders Can Take Action," Catalyst shares new data—prepared exclusively for ESSENCE magazine—revealing an “emotional tax” that Black professionals can feel at work and the associated detrimental effects on their health, well-being, and ability to thrive at work.
Work-Life Effectiveness

Work Life Balance—Not Just For VIPs

Two men have made work-life balance a hot topic, I hope that the momentum they have built will lead to a shift in America’s work culture, starting with their own staffs and extending to workers across the country and across industries.
Work-Life Effectiveness

Tips For Staying Healthy At Work In The New Year

When you spend the majority of your waking hours behind a desk, your habits play a crucial role in your well-being and job performance. How can you bring your whole self to work if you feel tired, agitated, or sick?
Work-Life Effectiveness

Work-Life “Balance” Got You Down?

We all have multiple priorities and demands on our time. Given the realities of our busy lives, many of us are trying to achieve work-life “balance.” But it’s time to give up balance, once and for all!