Dow India Teams Up With Catalyst to Host Inclusion Round-Table

In the second half of the inaugural day of India Inclusion & Diversity Week, Dow India hosted a strategic roundtable discussion in partnership with Catalyst, a global non-profit that works to create more inclusive workplaces for women. The external participants for the discussion, held under aegis of India Women’s Innovation Network (IWIN), included 25+ representatives from Dow, BASF, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Unilever, Ernst & Young, Future Generali, MSCI, DuPont and other companies.

The round-table, facilitated by Shachi Irde, Advisor to Catalyst, discussed the nuances of the day-to-day experience of workplace exclusion and inclusion. Marco Voelker, EMEAI regional inclusion leader and Sudhir Shenoy, CEO, Dow India, delivered the introductory remarks. The round-table concluded with a number of actionable initiatives and ideas for Dow India inclusion team and others to consider and implement in coming years. India ERG leaders, as well as some members of Dow India leadership team, were in attendance.

Catalyst’s Vandana Juneja, VP, Asia-Pacific, shared: “Our research demonstrates that employees who experience inclusion are more likely to suggest ideas and new ways of doing work; they demonstrate greater team citizenship and innovation. As a result, it is important to consider how to make inclusion visible, interrupt exclusionary behaviours, and take action to bring inclusion to life every day. We would like to thank our host, Dow India, for their generous support in hosting this important conversation.”

Speaking about the initiative, Sudhir Shenoy said: “While a lot is said about creating gender-balanced and vibrant workplaces, we need to do much more to ensure we bridge the gap between words and action at an industry level. Diversity is about ensuring representation, but it means little without actual inclusion, offering everyone a seat at the table. Through initiatives such as this round-table, we are taking steps to know industry best practices and exploring ways to make our inclusion journey at Dow India meaningful and impactful.”

Nurturing Diverse Views and Arriving at Better Results

On March 15, Catalyst held a roundtable, ‘Driving Culture Change through Inclusive Leadership,’ hosted by DuPont India at their offices in Gurgaon. The discussion highlighted data points based on global research studies exemplifying how diversity and inclusion can play an important role in empowering organizations to create healthy work environments. Leaders commented on the fact that it is an eye-opener that furthering the inclusion journey has become a business imperative and that D&I are becoming embedded as core values of many organizations.

Recruitment Strategies to Build an Inclusive Organization

In a spirited roundtable discussion Joanne Sullivan, Corporate Vice President, Regulatory Outsourcing Services and Country Leader, Roopa Basrur, Senior Director, and Kalyan Chakravarthy, Senior Director, Human Resources of PAREXEL International spoke with Catalyst's Regional Director of India, Anuja Kumar about the competitive advantages of diversity in recruitment on November 10. The conversation touched on the Maternity Benefit Act, work-life flexibility, engagement of male hiring managers and more.

Role Models: You Can't Be What You Can't See

Role Models: You Can't Be What You Can't See, Catalyst India Roundtable Discussion 2017

On July 12, Catalyst India and Pitney Bowes held a roundtable discussion on the importance of role models at different stages of a professional's career and the difficulties that can emerge when there aren't any role models to help a professional develop and advance. Speakers Ruchi Bhalla, Director and Head of Human Resources, Pitney Bowes, and Anuja Kumar, Regional Director, Catalyst India, lead discussions on the issues surrounding women who lack female role models in top positions as well as men who have plenty of potential role models but find that many men in top positions don't champion gender equality and challenge the status quo. The group then discussed solutions to the lack of role models of both genders.

Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion: Gender-Balanced Teams and Their Impact

Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion: Gender-Balanced Teams and Their Impact

Diversity and inclusion practitioners and human resources professionals interested in building an organisational business case for D&I came together with Catalyst India at DuPont for a roundtable discussion on July 4. DuPont's Pallavi Tyagi, Asia Pacific Talent Acquisition and Organization Vibrancy Leader, and Anuja Kumar, Regional Director, Catalyst India WRC, discussed the impact of gender-balanced teams and how organisations can leverage talent to lead to improved performance and to better reflect the marketplace. 

About Catalyst India WRC

Founded in 2011, Catalyst India WRC is a community composed of 80 leading corporations and professional firms committed to accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion in corporate India. With insights from its highly regarded research, solution-based tools, convening events, global staff and Supporters, and the Catalyst India Advisory Board, Catalyst India works to build a robust pipeline of current and future leaders in India Inc.