Much of Catalyst’s research is conducted on a global scale and many of our findings, tools, best practices, and case studies are relevant to a global audience.

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Diversity Fatigue in the Workplace: How to Get Unstuck

A lack of corporate goals, resources, or a compelling strategy may be making your employees cynical about diversity initiatives. Read…

MARC Leaders Workshop: Creating Partnership for Change – Lynn, MA

MARC Leaders is an immersive and interactive 1.5-day cross-company workshop that inspires participants to stand up for gender equity. Read…

Global WINConference 2019

The WINConference provides inspiration, context, tools, knowledge and a generous network of support for women to contribute authentically, integrating their…

Engaging Men

Ask Catalyst Express: Engaging Men

Data about how engaging men as allies, mentors, and sponsors are essential to workplace gender parity initiatives.


Five Tips for Future-Proofing Your Workplace

What are you doing to make sure your organization will be successful in the future?

Learn From Us Learn From Each Other

Intersectionality and Otherness: How Leaders Can Address Multiple Dimenions of Inclusion and Exclusion at Work Hosted by: IBM Join Catalyst,…

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: What is Unconscious Bias?

We all have unconscious biases. Learn more about how they work and how you can overcome them.

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: How to Combat Unconscious Bias as a Leader in Your Organization

Leaders can be role models demonstrating how to thoughtfully change behavior to overcome unconscious bias.

Unconscious Bias

Infographic: How to Combat Unconscious Bias as an Individual

Find out how you can minimize your own unconscious bias in the workplace.

Business Case

Report: Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries

This study delves into the similarities across countries in how employees characterize inclusion and leadership behaviors that foster it. Read…

Top Resources

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter: Quick Take

Get data and findings from a vast body of research on the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion.

Top Resources

Women’s Earnings – The Pay Gap: Quick Take

A statistical overview of the global gender pay gap including data from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

SPONSORSHIP: Moving on from Mentoring

On Wednesday 16 October 2019, Citywealth’s Powerwomen Club will be hosting a lunchtime panel discussion with Catalyst’s own Allyson Zimmermann,…

MARC Leaders Workshop: Creating Partnerships for Change – London, UK

MARC Leaders is an immersive and interactive 1.5-day cross-company workshop that inspires participants to stand up for gender equity. Read…


10 Reasons Every Company Should Offer Paid Paternity Leave (And Every Father Should Take It)

Not only do men want the option, but workplaces and organizations can benefit from giving it.


12 Diversity & Inclusion Terms You Need to Know

Share this glossary with your colleagues, teams, and leaders so that you’re all speaking the same inclusive language.  


Webinar: Let’s Get Real About Measuring Inclusion and Getting Results.

Join us an interactive dialogue with business leaders about successes, opportunities, and pain points in the journey to inclusion. Read…

Building an Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

At Catalyst we believe that an organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy should be aligned with its business goals and company…

Challenging Status Quo Pathways to Diversify the Pipeline

Over the past 5 years, Canadian companies have made only marginal inroads to bridge their gender gap. Research has demonstrated…

Business Case

Women in Financial Services: Quick Take

A look at the state of women working in specific occupations that fall within the field of financial services. Read…