Founded in 2013, Catalyst’s office in Australia has a deep understanding of the issues women face in the workplace and is at the forefront of research, practices, and trends related to gender diversity in Australian organizations.

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Generations-Demographic Trends in Population and Workforce: Quick Take

This Quick Take has revealing information about different generations in the workforce worldwide.

APAC Webinar: Who Gets Chosen?

We’ll explore women’s access to “hot jobs,” how to decode the “unwritten rules,” how women experience the “double bind,” and…


APAC Webinar: Leading With Inclusion

In this webinar, hear from about Catalyst’s Leading With Inclusion workshops and from business leaders who are actively stepping up…

Work-Life Effectiveness

APAC Webinar: The Future of Flex Work

In this webinar learn from organizations and leaders on how remote, flexible work enables a nimble, impactful organization.

APAC Webinar: Equity Boosts the Bottom Line: Think Global, Act Local

Join us to discuss how to build inclusive teams today so your organization and communities can reap the benefits tomorrow.…

Engaging Men

APAC Webinar: Real Stories of Men Advocating Real Change

In this webinar, hear from men and women who have used MARC to create sustainable gender equality change in their…


APAC Webinar: Catalyst Solutions: Recognition and Practices

In this webinar, learn about the more than 150 Practices from past Catalyst Award and Catalyst Canada Honours recipients as…

Sponsorship and Mentoring

APAC Webinar: Strategies for Career Advancement: Think Global, Act Local – The Importance of Sponsorship

In this webinar, hear regional speakers from supporter organizations discuss their respective careers and share strategies and advice for securing…

Talent Management Practices

Webinar: Optimize Your Workforce Data Using Catalyst’s Vital Signs – Asia Pacific

Learn how to use Vital Signs to tell the story of your talent pipeline, illuminate historical trends, track patterns, and…

Webinar: Closing the Gender Pay Gap- Recognizing Australia Equal Pay Day

Catalyst believes that closing the gender pay gap, along with the gaps in opportunity and leadership, isn’t just the smart…

Learn From Us Learn From Each Other

Intersectionality and Otherness: How Leaders Can Address Multiple Dimenions of Inclusion and Exclusion at Work Hosted by: IBM Join Catalyst,…

Business Case

Report: Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries

This study delves into the similarities across countries in how employees characterize inclusion and leadership behaviors that foster it. Read…


Inclusion of Indigenous Australians at Work: Understanding Some Critical Issues

Hosted by: PwC’s Indigenous Consulting Catalyst and Jumbunna invite you to a learning discussion around the key issues at work…

Webinar: How to Apply for the 2020 Catalyst Award – Asia-Pacific

Join us for a webinar where the Catalyst Award Committee will walk interested applicants through the nomination process for the…

Talent Management Practices

Webinar: 5 Actions Managers Can Take to Break the Gender Bias Cycle—Asia-Pacific

This webinar outlines the five actions managers can take to break the cycle of gender bias in development opportunities. Read…


Inclusive Conversations: Communicating Across Differences—How to Communicate Inclusively in the Workplace

Join us to learn inclusive communication skills that you can take back to your own workplace.

Engaging Men

Women’s Conference? Bring A Buddy

Catalyst's Risa Pappas talks about the importance of inviting men to women's conferences.

Top Resources

Women in the Workforce – Global: Quick Take

In many countries, women account for 40% or more of the total labor force.

Top Resources

Women in Management: Quick Take

Statistical overview of women in senior management and leadership positions around the world.

Sexual Harassment

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Quick Take

Although prohibited in many countries, sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace still occur.