Catalyst has consultants in Japan and India, regularly interacting with Supporters there and conducting research on issues that impact the region’s workforce.

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Business Case

Women in the Workforce – China: Quick Take

Although Chinese women hold one of Asia's highest labor-force-participation rates, cultural norms put working women at a disadvantage.

Unconscious Bias

Abrasive–or Assertive? How Unconscious Bias Affected My Career

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton on how unconscious bias has affected her -- and all women.

APAC Webinar: Who Gets Chosen?

We’ll explore women’s access to “hot jobs,” how to decode the “unwritten rules,” how women experience the “double bind,” and…

Work-Life Effectiveness

APAC Webinar: The Future of Flex Work

In this webinar learn from organizations and leaders on how remote, flexible work enables a nimble, impactful organization.

Business Case

Women in the Workforce – Japan: Quick Take

Women are the key to Japan's labor force transformation, but they continue to face many challenges.

Talent Management Practices

Webinar: Optimize Your Workforce Data Using Catalyst’s Vital Signs – Asia Pacific

Learn how to use Vital Signs to tell the story of your talent pipeline, illuminate historical trends, track patterns, and…

Top Resources

Women in Management: Quick Take

Statistical overview of women in senior management and leadership positions around the world.

Business Case

Report: Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries

This study delves into the similarities across countries in how employees characterize inclusion and leadership behaviors that foster it. Read…

Business Case

Women in Energy – Gas, Mining, and Oil: Quick Take

A statistical overview of women working in the male-dominated energy industry—including mining, gas, and oil—globally, in Canada, and in the…

Webinar: How to Apply for the 2020 Catalyst Award – Asia-Pacific

Join us for a webinar where the Catalyst Award Committee will walk interested applicants through the nomination process for the…

Talent Management Practices

Webinar Recording: 5 Actions Managers Can Take to Break the Gender Bias Cycle – Asia-Pacific

This webinar recording outlines the five actions managers can take to break the cycle of gender bias in development opportunities.…

Talent Management Practices

Webinar: 5 Actions Managers Can Take to Break the Gender Bias Cycle—Asia-Pacific

This webinar outlines the five actions managers can take to break the cycle of gender bias in development opportunities. Read…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Working Parents: Quick Take

How do family composition and paid leave for parents compare around the world?

Work-Life Effectiveness

#WomenCan スポットライト:塚原月子 新任バイスプレジデント カタリスト・ジャパン

プロフィール:塚原月子 バイスプレジデント カタリスト・ジャパン ダートマス大学 タック・スクール・オブ・ビジネス 経営学修士課程修了(MBA)東京大学 経済学部卒業 既婚、3児の母。

Work-Life Effectiveness

#WomenCan Spotlight: Tsukiko Tsukahara, Vice President, Catalyst Japan

Learn how Tsukiko Tsukahara, Vice President, Catalyst Japan, has succeeded in business while balancing her family committments.


Report: Think People, Not Just Programs, to Build Inclusive Workplaces

To create high-performing work cultures, business leaders must pay attention to the people side—how employees connect to the company. Read…


Case Study: Manulife Japan—Developing Women Talent

Manulife Japan is enhancing women employees' capability to develop, advance, and grow their representation in leadership levels.


Infographic: Gender Diversity in Japan (Japanese Version)


Sponsorship and Mentoring

Case Study: The Procter & Gamble Company—Developing Women Leaders in Asia-Pacific

Board Diversity

Report: High Potentials in the Pipeline: On Their Way to the Boardroom

This report highlights the differences between women's and men's career experiences and satisfaction.