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Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Profile In Disruption: Disrupting The Default For Women Of Color

As we reflect on the strides and accomplishments made by African Americans during Black History Month, we’re also faced with the reality that women of color are still confronted with hurdles in the workplace. They’re often stereotyped, have limited opportunities, and they’re on the low end of the wage gap.

Catalyst Announces 2015 Catalyst Award-Winning Initiatives

Catalyst announces that strategic talent management initiatives from Chevron and Procter & Gamble are the recipients of the 2015 Catalyst Award, the prestigious annual award honoring exceptional and innovative initiatives that expand opportunities for women and businesses globally.
Unconscious Bias

Infographic: What Is Covering?

People often "cover" stigmatized parts of their identity to fit in. Learn how it affects their sense of self.