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Talent Management Practices

Vital Signs: Guidebook

This clear, comprehensive, instructional guide carefully walks you through the steps to conduct Vital Signs.
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Stories of Latinas in the Workplace in 2020

Throughout corporate America, Latinas have been emerging as prominent leaders, with an increasing number in large public companies with significant operating roles. Yet they may fall victim to adversities and racism within the workplace. A recent study found that while Hispanic buying power is approaching $1.7 trillion annually, senior-level Latina talent…

Andrea G. Tatum

Throughout her career, Andrea has been focused on helping companies create inclusive cultures where everyone belongs. Andrea joined Catalyst in June 2020 as the Sr. Director of Corporate Engagement, Western Region. In this role, Andrea provides guidance to a portfolio of companies headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and…

Catalyst Community: Now Is the Moment for Inclusive Leadership

Now Is the Moment for Inclusive Leadership : The world has shifted tremendously over the past months. There are increased complexities, challenges, and disparities in how we are experiencing and navigating these times. How can we collectively work to create a more inclusive workplace culture and society during this disruption? And…