Other Regions

Catalyst's impact transcends borders and traditional bricks-and-mortar boundaries.

Reflecting our global mission, we share our vision, goals, and expertise in special relationships with like-minded organizations that extend our reach and enable our work to be adapted in regions throughout the world.



Catalyst partners with The Israel Women's Network and the Strauss Group. Since 2010, they have issued an annual census of women in senior leadership positions in Tel Aviv 100 Index companies compiled in the belief that strengthening Israel's competitive advantage is rooted in its diverse human fabric and that the advancement of diversity in businesses will strengthen the health of the economy.


Catalyst partners with IPADE Business School and CIMAD, the school’s Research Center for Women in Senior Management, to drive impact in Mexico by working together on leading-edge research, learning programs, and events. Our institutions’ shared mission of advancing women in business drives our collaborative work, which includes academic publications, a collaboration on a Spanish-language course hosted on edX as part of the CatalystX Inclusive Leadership Training series, and hands-on work within our supporting organizations across Mexico.  

South Africa

The Businesswomen’s Association (BWA) is the largest association of business and professional women in South Africa. BWA, a Catalyst Census friend, issues its South African Census of Women in Corporate Leadership annually, seeking to measure advancement of South Africa’s women in business. BWA censuses in 2004 and 2005 were produced in conjunction with Catalyst.