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Workplace Trends: Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Successes

Organizations know that to succeed in the future, they must gain an understanding of the present and how it is changing. Catalyst has identified six trends that represent significant shifts for workforces, workplaces, and women in the workplace.

  • The Growing Talent Shortage
  • Generation Y and the Interaction of Four Generations in the Workplace
  • Operating in a 24/7 Business Culture
  • A Customizable Life
  • Overcoming Cultural Barriers
  • Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Gender Diversity

With descriptions of the trends, critical points, Catalyst perspectives on opportunities for women and employers, and “conversation starter” questions, this workbook is designed to guide organizations—and especially line managers in charge of talent, diversity and inclusion leaders, and employee resource group members and leaders—as they make decisions in the face of these trends.