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Women Leading Business: The 2012 Israeli Census Report on Women's Representation in Tel Aviv 100 Index Companies

Women Leading Business details women’s representation in senior leadership positions at Israel’s top 100 public companies (the TA-100). Although women comprise 47 percent of the Israeli workforce, this report reveals that women:

  • Hold 18 percent of TA-100 executive positions.

  • Hold 16 percent of TA-100 board seats.

  • Lead 5 percent of TA-100 companies as CEO.

In addition to charting women’s representation in Israeli business, Women Leading Business outlines the barriers women face and the importance of advancing more women into leadership roles. It was compiled in the belief that strengthening Israel's competitive advantage is rooted in its diverse human fabric and that the advancement of diversity in businesses will strengthen the health of the economy.

Partners: The Strauss Group, The Israel Women’s Network