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Women in Corporate Leadership: Progress & Prospects

This first large-scale, national study of executive women in the largest U.S. companies provides information about senior women’s career experiences and expectations, and compares their perceptions to those of CEOs. In addition, organizational strategies for recruiting, developing, and retaining women are provided.

Impetus: This research represents the first rigorous study of the work-related attitudes and experiences of women executives.


  • Surveys were distributed to 1,251 women working in Fortune 1000 companies at the vice president level and above, and all Fortune 1000 CEOs.

  • Interviews were conducted with 20 executive women and 20 CEOs.

Findings: Women and CEOs agree on several issues, including the importance of companies demonstrating top-level commitment, being willing to take risks on high-potential women, and helping employees balance work and personal or family responsibilities.

Sponsor: The Seagram Company Ltd.