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Women and Men in Canadian Investment Firms and U.S. Financial Services: A Comparison of Their Job Attitudes and Work Experiences

This report explores how the attitudes, opinions, and experiences of women and men working in Canadian investment dealers are similar to, or different from, the perspectives of U.S. financial services employees. The data for this project came from two separate studies: Catalyst’s Women in Canadian Investment Dealers: Growing the Pipeline study and the U.S.-based project, Women in Financial Services: The Word on the Street.

The findings revealed that employees of Canadian investment dealers and those employed by large U.S. financial services firms perceive their work environments similarly—they are attracted to their firms for similar reasons; they agree on the factors that would compel them to leave; they employ the same strategies for success; and many of them have difficulty achieving work/life balance. Despite the similarities, there were a few areas of divergence between employees from the two countries, suggesting there are tangible differences between their work environments. Most notably, higher percentages of women respondents in the United States than Canada agree that there are barriers to the advancement of women in their firms. Also, women in the United States were more likely to believe that they have to develop a style with which male managers, partners, and directors are comfortable.

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