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Vital Signs: Determining Actions for Inclusive Policies and Practices

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Many organizations want to strengthen and diversify their talent pipeline to attract and retain top employees but don’t know which actions to take. Catalyst’s Vital Signs approach helps you ask the right questions to determine where your organization excels and where it is stuck, so you will be better positioned to make improvements.

This interactive tool, which is aimed at human resources (HR) and diversity and inclusion (D&I) practitioners as well as business leaders, no matter where their organizations are along the diversity journey, will help you understand the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in your organization’s practices and policies. 

By completing organizational self-assessments, you will gain impactful insights and next steps whether your organization is starting out or has already made some progress recruiting, developing, advancing, and retaining women. Use this tool to:

  • Evaluate your current policies and practices for recruiting, advancing, and retaining women.
  • Find concrete suggestions for taking action to close the gender gap and become an employer of choice for women throughout the pipeline.