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Unwritten Rules: Why Doing a Good Job Might Not Be Enough Europe

Unwritten Rules: Why Doing a Good Job Might Not Be Enough Europe examines European respondents’ perceptions of unwritten rules to advancement as well as how they learned to navigate these rules within their organizations. The analyses complement the previous knowledge and allow for a more in-depth understanding of how different advancement strategies might play out—and vary—across different cultural contexts.

Findings show that:

  • European respondents rated activities involving communication and feedback, performance and results, career planning, increasing visibility, and relationship building as particularly important. They also thought that working long hours was important for career development.
  • European participants said that they wished they had spent more time finding mentors, building networks, and showcasing their work from the very beginning of their career. Many also wished to have participated in career coaching.
  • European women were more likely than European men to rate visibility-building as important and to have focused on strategies that reinforced their commitment to put in the hours needed to advance.

Research Partners: American Express Company, BMO Financial Group, Chevron Corporation, Deloitte LLP, Deutsche Bank AG, Ernst & Young, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corporation, McDonald’s Corporation, UPS