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Telstra—All Roles Flex

Telstra’s flex policy implemented in 2010 allowed employees to request flexibility for any reason, and managers who refused a proposal had to provide written reasons why it would negatively impact the business. However, Telstra leaders noticed that policies were not used consistently across the enterprise and that leaders were not embracing all of the possibilities that flexibility offered. In addition, women’s rates of leaving exceeded their rates of joining the company, which was negatively affecting organization-wide gender targets. In 2013, Telstra implemented All Roles Flex, effectively making flexibility the starting point for all Telstra jobs rather than a special accommodation or allowance. With All Roles Flex, Telstra is open to discussing flexibility in some form for all positions, including store-based, customer-facing roles. Telstra also educated managers, emphasized its focus on work outcomes over face-time, better leveraged technology and workplace design to enable alternative ways of working, and broadened its definition of “flexibility” to encompass different things for different people and types of work.