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Natura—Fostering Innovation, Empowering Employees, and Developing Communities: Sustainability for Business and Society

Natura believes that its value and longevity are intertwined with its ability to make positive contributions to society and the sustainable development of the communities within which it operates. The company endeavors to effect positive, sustainable change by developing individuals, organizations, and society. It believes that “the greater the diversity, the greater the wealth and vitality of the whole system.” Natura uses sustainability efforts to position itself at the forefront of innovation. The concept of innovation is intrinsic to the company’s culture—in its attraction of talent, construction of management systems, supplier selection, and the way in which it relates to and develops relationships with its consumers, the government, communities in the Amazon, and society at large. Acting as a champion of diversity, Natura’s focus on social inclusion, women, and multiculturalism is carried out through three main strategic pillars: sustainable entrepreneurship; education and leadership development; and community involvement.