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Nationwide—Our Associates' Success Drives Business Success

In 2011, Nationwide launched its initiative, Our Associates' Success Drives Business Success, to build on its strong cultural foundation anchored by the company’s first core value, “We Value People.” A comprehensive framework of programs enabled by strong senior level and board sponsorship, it has resulted in increased associate engagement and inclusion scores year over year, in line with steady business growth. Nationwide has achieved this success with strategic and intentional efforts to attract, accelerate, and advance women at all leadership levels—and in particular women of color—with a strong focus on sustaining an inclusive workplace culture for all.

Fundamental elements include: 

  • Enterprise-wide development programs, such as INSIGHT, for high-potential current and future executives and the Touch Point sponsorship program, which exposes senior leaders to executive talent, including women and women of color.

  • 19 Associate Resource Groups centered on employee interests and demographics, such as women, women of color, LGBT associates, and sustainability, along with 18 D&I Business Unit Councils.

  • Various accountability mechanisms, such as Human Capital Scorecards, a 30% people performance objective, diversity and inclusion, and engagement.  

From 2011 to 2017, the representation of women, including women of color, in leadership roles and the pipeline has increased at Nationwide. For example, in executive roles (Senior Vice President/Vice President/Associate Vice President), representation of women overall increased from 29.1% to 33.9% and from 2.8% to 6.9% for women of color vice presidents. Additionally, women hold 26.6% of Nationwide’s Board of Directors seats.