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High-Potential Employees in the Pipeline: Maximizing the Talent Pool in Canadian Organizations

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Freshly minted MBA graduates enter the workforce every year competing for positions at elite organizations around the world. But these high-potential employees are not the only ones competing—organizations also duke it out to attract top talent who they hope to retain as their organization’s future leaders.

In this battle to attract the best and the brightest, it is critical that organizations understand the women and men at the top of the talent pool. While Canadian high potentials’ experiences parallel those of their global peers in some regards, there are significant regional differences in their career path choices that impact both organizations’ recruitment and retention efforts as well as their ability to compete in the global economy.

This report helps organizations operating in Canada understand their talent pool within the regional context so they can:

  • Recruit and retain high-potential women and men throughout the pipeline.
  • Become employers of choice.
  • More successfully compete in the global marketplace.

The findings provide a wake-up call for Canadian organizations: the time to act is now. 

Research Partners: AT&T Inc.; Bloomberg; BMO Financial Group; Cardinal Health, Inc.Chevron Corporation; Credit Suisse; Dell Inc.; Deloitte LLP; Desjardins Group; Deutsche Bank AG; EY; General Motors Company; Hewlett-Packard Company; IBM Corporation; KeyBank; Kimberly-Clark Corporation; McDonald's Corporation; PPL Corporation; Sodexo; State Street Corporation; UPS