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Google Inc.—LGBT Inclusion in India: Globally Connected, Locally Relevant

LGBT inclusion in India, as elsewhere, was viewed as a “non-negotiable”; an imperative for Google’s approach to building truly inclusive workplaces. By the time programs for LGBT employees—affectionately referred to as "Gayglers"—got off the ground in India in 2010, a clear message was circulating that there was in fact a need, not only from senior management, but from the local employees as well. The Gayglers ERG has expanded globally since its start in the United States in 2007, reaching the Asia-Pacific region first in Australia and Japan and arriving in India in 2010. The strength of Google’s LGBT inclusion activities and its proactive support of the LGBT community aided in the Gayglers’ process of global expansion. While uniform support across the company is an essential factor in the Gayglers group’s success, local cultural sensitivities do vary considerably across regions, impacting the relevance and acceptability of programs.