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First Step: India Overview

The world's largest democracy, India, is also one of the fastest growing economies and is poised to become a global economic leader. The past two decades have seen social changes in this traditionally male-dominated society—one where women are expected to marry, raise children, and take care of the household—which have created many new opportunities for women in the workforce. Yet ongoing patriarchal religious customs, and a complex diversity of language, ethnicity, and culture, make India a complicated and often contradictory nation.

First Step: India Overview provides a snapshot look at India’s legislative, societal, and work culture differences. This tool focuses on providing a general understanding of how India’s people and cultures operate and looks at women’s roles in the following areas:

  • The economy

  • Family

  • Class diversity

  • Workforce

  • Education

This tool is aimed at those with little or no knowledge of India today.

If you are preparing to launch a women's initiative in India, we encourage you to also look at Catalyst's Member-Only Tool, Building Cultural Awareness: Questions to Ask Before Adapting a Women's Initiative to a New Region.