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EY Global Delivery Services India—Catalyst D&I Logues Practice

EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) India believes that only the highest-performing teams, which maximize the power of different opinions, perspectives, and cultural references, can succeed in the global marketplace. Leveraging diversity and inclusion is one of the ways by which EY GDS India will gain that advantage.

When everyone at EY GDS India collaborates and leads inclusively, taking full advantage of the differences within each team, the firm is able to work better together and bring out the best in each other; understand at a deeper level what clients want currently and anticipate what they will need in the future; and deliver exceptional client service, as characterized by enhanced client integration (connected), more effective cross-border teams (responsive), and richer perspectives that yield better outcomes (insightful).

To attract, retain, and advance women and other diverse employees and create a culture of inclusion, EY GDS India is engaging in unconscious bias training, engaging men, and mentoring and sponsorship activities.

This Practice was submitted, evaluated, and created as a business impact story for Catalyst’s 2016 D&I Logues Conference in Mumbai, India.