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Catalyst 20th Anniversary Awards Compendium

As the global workforce evolves, so do the diversity and inclusion initiatives created by organizations to advance women. Early on, initiatives focused on discrete issues, such as childcare, eldercare, personal safety and well being, communication and networking, and talent management. Today, diversity and inclusion initiatives are an integral part of business strategy, as they anticipate competitive advantages, are integrated into performance-management systems, and reinforce their goals through stringent accountability systems. The Compendium provides a detailed history of this progression.

This hard-bound, embossed, leather-covered volume offers your organization the knowledge and tools to effect meaningful progress in advancing women and furthering diversity and inclusion. As a practical toolkit for diversity and inclusion experts, it details innovative strategic approaches to advancing women and showcases diversity strategies of winning organizations. Its subject index works as a quick reference guide for more information and detailed initiatives related to the following issues: corporate social responsibility; culture change efforts; diversity councils; employee network groups; global diversity; leadership training programs; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) efforts; mentoring; supplier diversity; and work-life efforts, to name a few. This valuable resource will only be available for a limited time and will not be reprinted for five years.