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Ask Catalyst Express: Workplace Trends

What workplace trends can I expect to see in the coming years?

Organizations know that to succeed in the future, they must have an understanding of upcoming trends. Catalyst has selected internal and external resources that identify shifts in workforces, workplaces, and women at work.

Catalyst Workplace Trend Resources


The Modern Guide to Equality
Trend Highlights (starting on pg. 25):

  • Purpose Over Paycheck.
  • How She Leads Is How She Lives.
  • Mental Health Support.
  • Cognitive Diversity.
  • Institutionalized Diversity.
  • Blind Recruiting.


Emotional Tax: How Black Women and Men Pay More at Work and How Leaders Can Take Action
Trend Highlight:

  • Leveraging inclusive work environments to offer relief from Emotional Tax, which is the heightened experience Black employees feel of being different from peers at work and which is associated with detrimental effects on health, wellbeing, and the ability to thrive at work.

Day-To-Day Experiences Of Emotional Tax Among Women And Men Of Color In The Workplace
Trend Highlight:

  • Asian, Black, Latinx, and multiracial professionals pay an Emotional Tax at work when they feel they must be on guard to protect against racial and gender bias. There is a host of detrimental factors associated with the Emotional Tax, including a relationship to their overall health and well-being, their work productivity, and career decision-making (i.e., wanting to quit their job).

Quick Take: Generations: Demographic Trends in Population and Workforce
Trend Highlight:

  • In many countries and regions, populations are aging and shrinking.

Catalyst Resources and Tools Around Sexual Harassment
Trend Highlight:

  • Going beyond basic policies and training to change behaviors, build safe environments and inclusive workplaces, and reduce, prevent, and address sexual harassment.
    Includes Supporter Exclusive Resources

Engaging In Conversations About Gender, Race, And Ethnicity in the Workplace
Trend Highlight:

Online Trainings:

Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action
Trend Highlight:

  • Helping employees at all levels become aware of unconscious bias and giving them the tools and skills necessary to manage it in the workplace.


Facilitation Guide for Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action
Supporter Exclusive
The course above is accompanied by post-course discussion facilitation guide so organizations can give employees the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of bias and micro-aggressions in their workplaces. 



Barclays—How Barclays Is Creating an Inclusive Workplace
Supporter Exclusive
Trend Highlights:

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Dynamic working

Excerpts: Disability Agenda: This is me. In 2014, Barclays launched This is me, which at the time was a UK campaign focused on eliminating the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

Multigenerational Agenda: Dynamic Working. Barclays recognizes that in addition to their day jobs, colleagues have a number of other important roles and responsibilities in their lives and that these priorities may shift at various life stages. Barclays’ Dynamic Working Campaign (DWC) empowers colleagues to integrate their professional and personal lives in ways that work for them. 


Aurizon—Increasing Representation and Redefining Norms for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 
Supporter Exclusive
Trend Highlights:

  • Parental leave that “addresses the underlying cultural assumptions and prevailing norms around gender-based caregiving roles.”
  • Domestic violence prevention.

Excerpts: Shared Care Initiative. To be eligible for participation in the initiative, both parents are required to be full-time workers, though only one must be an Aurizon employee. Aurizon’s policy also ensures that the initiative explicitly supports LGBTQ couples and adoptive parents.

Domestic Violence: It is increasing standard practice in Australia for companies to offer education and employee assistance programs, as well as services that direct employees to professional support. Aurizon offers those experiencing domestic violence unlimited access to all of these resources. Again seeking to go beyond the standard policies and procedures, Aurizon implemented a series of programs to support employees who all too often struggle to manage the circumstances surrounding domestic violence.


Other Workplace Trends Resources

Top 5 Trends to Expect For Women In The Workplace In 2018
Trend Highlights:

  • Continued scrutiny about sexual harassment culture.
  • Expanded employer-sponsored training on sexual harassment and new policy adoption.
  • Improved parental leave policies - including gender neutral or “primary caregiver” policies.


10 Trends That Will Shape HR in 2018
Trend Highlights:

  • A focus on branding and the employee experience.
  • Upskilling and the new talent pipeline.
  • Fighting harassment and improving inclusion.
  • Sexual orientation protections.
  • Personalization of benefits delivery and communication.
  • Ballooning employee debt and a focus on financial wellness education.


5 Global Workforce Trends to Watch in 2018
Trend Highlights:

  • Top organizations treat employee engagement as a financial strategy while thinking creatively about the employee experience.
  • More focus on the human side of leadership.


5 Workplace Trends You’ll See in 2018
Workforce Institute
Trend Highlights:

  • Leaders encourage more human interaction.
  • The next wave of learning credentials.
  • Companies focus on upskilling and retraining current workers.
  • Financial and mental wellness get prioritized.


The 2020 Workplace – The Future Workplace Trends You Should Know Right Now
Talent LMS
Trend Highlights:

  • Focus on creating a great employee experience.
  • Use an agile approach to recruit and develop employees.
  • Create spaces that promote culture.


8 Talent Management Trends for 2018
HR Trend Institute
Trend Highlights:

  • Performance consulting.
  • More focus on teams.
  • A more organic approach to talent management.


Hot Workplace Trends You Will See in 2018
Platinum Group
Trend Highlights:

  • Introducing unique recognition programs.
  • Workplace culture becomes more casual.


5 Workplace Well-Being Trends to Watch in 2018
Benefits Pro
Trend Highlights:

  • Personalization plus
  • Tackling workplace stress


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