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Ask Catalyst Express: Transgender Inclusion

“How can we build an inclusive workplace for transgender employees?”

Transgender refers to people whose gender identity, expression, or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. “Transgender” is an umbrella term that includes a diverse group of people. As a group within the LGBT community, transgender women and men face unique barriers. A truly effective diversity policy includes all aspects of diversity, including gender identity and gender expression. This guide helps employers create more inclusive workplaces for transgender employees—and thus, all employees.

* For resources on creating an LGBTQ+-inclusive environment, please see Ask Catalyst Express: LGBTQ+ Inclusion.

Catalyst Transgender Resources

Quick Takes:
  • Toronto Dominion Bank Group - Creating Leaders and Unlocking Human Potential: LGBTA Inclusion at TD 
    Supporter Exclusive
    Sexual reassignment surgeries for transgender individuals are now covered across North America for all TD employees.

    TD reached out to a number of well-known LGBTA organizations in the United States and Canada, leveraging their knowledge and expertise to create the “TD Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines,” a detailed, 10-page document available company-wide and posted on the intranet for all employees to access. This tool, which has been successfully leveraged since 2010, is intended to help ease the transition process for employees who have made the decision to transition.

  • The Chubb Corporation—Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Inclusion at Chubb
    Supporter Exclusive
    Despite a lack of transgender employee visibility, by inviting a transgender spokeswoman from the financial services industry, Chubb was able to put a face on the issue that resonated with management and led to inclusion of protections for gender identity and gender expression in its policies.

  • McKinsey & Company - Global LGBT Inclusion
    Supporter Exclusive
    McKinsey’s policies include:

    • Expanded non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

    • Broad transgender health benefits for employees across the globe, ensuring no exclusions for any and all medically necessary healthcare.


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