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Ask Catalyst Express: LGBTQ+ Inclusion

How can we build an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees?

Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression—not to be confused with sexual activity or behavior—are personal characteristics that everyone has. Including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) employees is a vital component of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy.  Find out how to better recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQ+ employees to help your organization compete effectively for talent, minimize attrition costs, enhance employee inclusion and engagement, and better access LGBTQ+ consumer markets. Check out all of our resources on this topic here.


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Quick Takes:
  • Nationwide—Prioritizing LGBT Workplace Inclusion
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: The well-known Nationwide slogan, “On Your Side,” embodies Nationwide’s culture of inclusion. Nationwide brings this slogan to life by putting its people first--whether by prioritizing “we value people” as one of the company’s core values, offering comprehensive and equitable benefits coverage to spouses of both same and opposite-sex relationships, or one of the many other ways it engages its associates.

  • Ford Motor Company—GLOBE: Fostering LGBT Inclusion, Valuing Diversity, and Empowering Authenticity
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: Workplace diversity and including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees is a key component of Ford’s business strategy and work culture. Given its importance, diversity at Ford is operationalized both from a top-down approach, starting with the Board of Directors, and from a bottom-up approach, starting with the grassroots efforts of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) such as GLOBE, Ford’s network for Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees. GLOBE’s mission is “to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere” for LGBT employees within the company.

  • Toronto Dominican Bank Group—Creating Leaders and Unlocking Human Potential: LGBTA Inclusion at TD
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: TD Bank has long focused on diversity and inclusion efforts. The company’s Diversity Office and Diversity Leadership Council are composed of senior business leaders across TD who drive enterprise-wide diversity initiatives. These leaders work with businesses to embed diversity and inclusion into everyday practices and programs. They also set its strategies and communicate frequently about the importance of diversity and inclusion for all employees.

  • Google Inc.—LGBT Inclusion in India: Globally Connected, Locally Relevant
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: LGBT inclusion in India, as elsewhere, was viewed as a “non-negotiable”; an imperative for Google’s approach to building truly inclusive workplaces. By the time programs for LGBT employees—affectionately referred to as "Gayglers"—got off the ground in India in 2010, a clear message was circulating that there was in fact a need, not only from senior management, but from the local employees as well. The Gayglers ERG has expanded globally since its start in the United States in 2007, reaching the Asia-Pacific region first in Australia and Japan and arriving in India in 2010. The strength of Google’s LGBT inclusion activities and its proactive support of the LGBT community aided in the Gayglers’ process of global expansion. While uniform support across the company is an essential factor in the Gayglers group’s success, local cultural sensitivities do vary considerably across regions, impacting the relevance and acceptability of programs.


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