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Ask Catalyst Express: Diversity Recruitment

How do we recruit diverse employees?

To leverage the competitive advantage of diversity, organizations must recruit from the total talent pool available to them. Traditional organizational practices and outmoded assumptions that focus only on overcoming barriers, rather than also leveraging strengths, can fall short in creating inclusive work environments relevant to today’s workforce. Successful organizations tap the talents of a diverse employee base, ensuring a spectrum of valued opinions and ideas on products and services. The following will assist in evaluating existing recruitment practices as well as creating a recruitment strategy that is built into, and aligns diversity with, an organization’s overall business goals.


Catalyst Diversity Recruitment Resources

  • A Bright Spot Case Study: How Diverse Slate Policies Help Close the Gender Gap
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: The companies highlighted in this case study all have won the Catalyst Award for cutting-edge initiatives that address the recruitment, development, and advancement of all women, including diverse women, by adopting diverse slate polices or practices.
  • General Motors Corporation—Recruiting, Advancing, And Retaining Women Of Color Through The Multicultural Women's Affinity Group
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: Affinity groups play a major role in General Motors’s efforts to recruit, retain and develop employees and help market vehicles and services to a diverse customer base. The Affinity Group for Women (AGW) is an umbrella body for many of their efforts to advance women. The AGW participates in campus recruiting drives and advises talent acquisition members on relevant recruitment issues for women and people of color. The existence of the AGW itself has attracted potential employees to the organization because it demonstrates that GM appreciates and values diversity within the company.
  • Scotiabank—A Recruitment Strategy For Women, By Women
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: [Global Banking and Markets] began to follow its work with undergraduate students by creating an initiative to encourage more women in business schools with a demonstrated interest in finance to consider careers in Capital Markets, thereby supporting efforts to increase the number of women in the industry’s talent pool.
  • Alcoa Inc.—Building Opportunities For Women In A “Hard Hat” Company
    Supporter Exclusive
    Excerpt: Alcoa also incorporates robust metrics and accountability in recruiting and hiring processes. Global workforce metrics are analyzed and presented on a quarterly basis by each of the business unit presidents in front of their peers; targets are determined through continuous talent discussions within the Executive Council that also consider the needs of each region. In addition, for every hire, at least one-third of the candidate pool must be diverse, including at least one woman.
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