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2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors

The 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors details women’s representation on corporate boards at the largest companies in Canada. This biennial report provides critical statistics to gauge women’s advancement into leadership and highlights the gender diversity gap. Each year Catalyst tracks:

  • Women’s share of all board seats.
  • Women’s share of board leadership positions at public companies.
  • Women’s share of board seats at public, private, Crown, and cooperative companies.
  • All companies with 0 percent, 25 percent or more, and 40 percent or more women directors.

Some of this year’s findings include:

  • In 2013, women held 15.9 percent of board seats at Financial Post 500 companies, an increase of almost one and a half percentage points since 2011. 
  • In both 2011 and 2013, approximately 40 percent of companies had no women board directors.
  • Although one-fifth of companies have 25% or more women serving on their boards, more than one-third have zero women on their boards. 
  • Women’s representation at public companies increased nearly two percentage points from 2011 to 2013, but public companies continue to have the lowest representation of women on their boards. 

The appendices provide additional points of comparison by region and industry as well as list companies with the highest and lowest representation of women board directors.

Research Partners: AT&T Inc.; Bloomberg; BMO Financial Group; Cardinal Health, Inc.; Chevron Corporation; Credit Suisse; Dell Inc.; Deloitte LLP; Desjardins Group; Deutsche Bank AG; EY; General Motors Company; Hewlett-Packard Company; IBM Corporation; KeyBank; Kimberly-Clark Corporation; McDonald’s Corporation; Sodexo; State Street Corporation; UPS

How to cite this product: Mulligan-Ferry, Liz, Mark J. Bartkiewicz, Rachel Soares, Amrita Singh, and Imogene Winkleman, 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors. New York: Catalyst, 2014.