The 2022 Catalyst International Women’s Day #BiasCorrect campaign is concluded. Thank you for your support, and join us on March 8, 2023! Below, you can see how we elevated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.

The Catalyst International Women’s Day 2022 campaign was held from March 1 through March 8, 2022, culminating in International Women’s Day (IWD). Catalyst Supporters received exclusive access to the IWD toolkit.

When Catalyst started 60 years ago, women were seen as fit for only certain roles because of unconscious biases—such as the belief that empathy is a feminine trait not appropriate for leadership.

But Catalyst research proves that empathy is an important and necessary leadership skill. Women of color in particular experience less burnout when they have more empathic senior leaders. Anyone can learn the skill of empathy, and this campaign is meant for all managers and people leaders throughout your organization. Together, we will #BiasCorrect for IWD.

IWD 2023 Will Be on March 8, 2023

We Created CEO Magazine Covers for the Catalyst Community

We promoted empathic leadership at every level by partnering with CEO Magazine and creating personalized CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) Magazine covers, which members of the Catalyst community shared with the hashtag #BiasCorrect to elevate empathy as a crucial leadership skill.

We Challenged Employees to Become CEOs

  • ERGs sent out the 2022 Catalyst Empathy Quiz and encouraged staff to take it.
  • The 2022 Catalyst Empathy Quiz was part of leadership development programs.

We Invited Employees to Become Chief Empathy Officers

Change starts at the top. That’s why we provided CEOs with an email they sent to all employees to join them in their new role as Chief Empathy Officer. The goal was to let employees know that their leadership team was promoting empathy as a crucial workplace skill.

Download sample email

CEO Email Signature

Looking for other activations? Add “Chief Empathy Officer” to your email signature to promote empathy as a crucial leadership skill. Feel free to add it yourself, or use the Catalyst email signature provided below.

CEO email signature

Download signature

Social Media Assets

The Catalyst community leveraged IWD campaign posts across social channels with #BiasCorrect to let followers know they were helping #BiasCorrect over 60 years of unconscious leadership beliefs by promoting empathy as a crucial leadership skill.

Download social media kit

We Upskilled Employees on the Types of Empathy

These versatile cards are a quick way to learn about the different types of empathy: cognitive, behavioral, and emotional. Use them as conversation starters, displayed alongside the CEO posters, or add them to your internal communications when you challenge staff to take the 2022 Empathy Quiz.

Download Empathy Cards

Catalyst Empathy Workshops

Contract with Catalyst and organize a fee-for-service Empathy Workshop for a group of your employees. This is a great option throughout the year if you want to continue the conversation about empathy beyond International Women’s Day.

Download Workshop Flyer

Questions? Contact your Catalyst Relationship Manager or Nicole Mason at [email protected].


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Many thanks to our partner agency Burns Group and The CEO Magazine.