The 2022 Catalyst International Women’s Day #BiasCorrect campaign is concluded. Thank you for your support, and join us on March 8, 2023! Below, you can see how we elevated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.

#BiasCorrect over 60 years of unconscious beliefs.

When Catalyst started in 1962, Help wanted ads were separated by gender and race. Fast forward sixty years, and bias has continued to fuel invisible barriers for women on their way to the top. Skills traditionally considered “feminine,” like empathy, are still deemed inappropriate for leadership.

Catalyst research proves that our biases are all wrong. A culture of empathic leadership is key to supporting gender equity at work and contributes to more inclusive workplace experiences. Empathy is actually one of the most crucial leadership skills—one that everyone is capable of learning.

Want to be a CEO (Chief Empathy Officer)?

Help us #BiasCorrect over 60 years of unconscious beliefs about the skills that make a great leader by becoming a CEO, or Chief Empathy Officer. Leadership skills are applied at every level of an organization, and empathy can be learned by every employee. Take these steps to become a CEO:

1. Take the empathy quiz.
2. Add CEO title to your LinkedIn profile.
3. Create and share your personalized CEO Magazine cover.
4. Download and share empathy cards.

1. Take the empathy quiz.

Let’s reimagine leadership. To get “promoted” to CEO, take the brief empathy quiz below.

Take the Quiz

2. Update your LinkedIn profile.

Follow the #BiasCorrect company page on LinkedIn. Add your new role of CEO (Chief Empathy Officer), and list your company as #BiasCorrect on your profile.

Add your CEO title

3. We created CEO Magazine covers for the Catalyst community.

We promoted empathic leadership at every level by partnering with CEO Magazine and creating personalized CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) Magazine covers, which members of the Catalyst community shared with the hashtag #BiasCorrect to elevate empathy as a crucial leadership skill.

4. Download and share empathy cards.



Download Empathy Cards

Interested in developing your empathy skills? Find out about Catalyst’s workshops.


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