The Day-To-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion

How do you define inclusion? Can you recall particular experiences at work when you felt included? Based on those, can you now describe what inclusion looks and feels like to you? Inclusion and exclusion do not occur in isolation and are not absolutes. On a day-to-day basis, employees’ experiences of inclusion and exclusion often coexist. Learn how to make inclusion visible, interrupt exclusionary behaviors, and manage the coexistence of inclusion and exclusion.

We invite executives, HR leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners, and champions of inclusion from other parts of your business to join us for this important dialogue. Registration is complimentary for Catalyst Supporter organizations. Each company may send up to four attendees. Space is limited, so early registration is recommended.

Registration is open through February 15, 2019. For more information, contact Joanna Harper at [email protected]

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