Reflecting on the Catalyst Research on Inclusive Leadership in Japan

Hosted by Mizuho Financial Group

While leaders have long recognized that having a diverse workforce is imperative to maintain a competitive edge in business, it is not always clear to them what needs to be done to create an inclusive workplace, in which, according to Catalyst’s definition of inclusion, employees perceive both belongingness and uniqueness at the same time.

How can inclusion be utilized to fully leverage the talents of a diverse workforce, and what can leaders do to lead with inclusion?

At this event, participants will hear about the latest Catalyst research on inclusive leadership and learn about key leadership attributes that are most relevant to Japan. We are also honored to have Koji Fujiwara, President & CEO, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., as the plenary speaker, who will present how a major Japanese financial institution is addressing the topic of inclusion. In the second half of the event, the participants will be split into small groups to explore inclusive leadership specifically in the context of Japan. Topics for discussion will include unconscious bias at work, how uniqueness can be perceived in an inclusive workplace while maintaining a feeling of belongingness, and what behaviors and actions leaders can take to become inclusive leaders in their organizations. 

This event is intended for senior male and female leaders, male champions, potential male champions, high-potential women, D&I professionals, as well as employees of Catalyst supporter organizations, and potential supporter companies who are interested in actionable solutions for inclusion.

Note: We encourage each organization to bring a mix of men and women. Due to space constraints, however, we must limit attendance to four participants per organization. 

This event will be held both in English and in Japanese.





Opening Remarks


Presentation by Makoto Kuwahara, Chief Country Officer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Securities Inc., Member of Catalyst Japan Advisory Board.


Plenary Speaker
Koji Fujiwara, President & CEO, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.




Small group discussion followed by results sharing


Networking Reception





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