September 2017: Generations in the Workplace

C-News: August 2017
Generations in the Workplace
Today’s workplace is more diverse than ever, going well beyond gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. It includes generational divides, a popular workplace topic loaded with assumptions. It is important to understand age differences and the stereotypes associated with various age groups to help everyone work together, as well as address the unique needs of individuals within each group.

Catalyst research shows we actually aren’t all that different from each other, but your generational age might affect whether you think we’ve reached gender parity. Valuing our many different ways of working with the equation of uniqueness + belongingness = inclusion may be the key to getting us all on the same page.
Managing generations in the workplace
The Female Quotient, Modern Guide to Equality: Advancing Equality in the Workplace (2017).
Research: Gen X and Millennials Might Be More Alike Than You ThinkResearch
Gen X and Millennials Might Be More Alike Than You Think

“People throughout North America say that the new generation of professionals lack commitment to their work.” Think this is referring to Millennials? Think again. In this amazing piece from the Catalyst archives, we studied Gen X’ers in 1990 and came to conclusions that might sound shockingly familiar! Turns out that many of the biases and stereotypes that affect Millennials now might actually just reflect perceptions of 20-somethings and not this particular group. Get to know the Real Millennials to understand how your organization can retain the up-and-coming best and brightest.

Infographic: Gender Equity: Perception vs. RealityInfographic
Gender Equity: Perception vs. Reality

Perceptions of gender equity vary by both gender and age. In this infographic, Catalyst shows that while younger generations believe we’ve achieved parity, it’s actually far from the case. Find out how you can make your perception a reality.

Perception Into Reality

Turn Perception Into Reality

Webinar: Generations at WorkWebinar
Generations at Work

Today’s labor force spans four generations. Technology and this broad age range have changed the work environment and influenced job performance, communication, and office dynamics. A multigenerational labor force creates challenges related to diverse perspectives, priorities, and work styles. This webinar on September 21 can help your organization build engagement across generations and create a more inclusive workplace. Register today.

Guide: The Modern Guide to EqualityGuide
The Modern Guide to Equality

Generational differences can often be seen as pain points within corporations, but this diversity of thought can be an advantage. To create an inclusive workplace, it is essential to understand the intricacies and needs of each generation and how they can effectively work together and learn from one another. The Modern Guide to Equality breaks down each generation in depth with stats as well as what drives them.

Modern Guide to Equality Modern Guide to Equality
Modern Guide to Equality Modern Guide to Equality
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