September 2014

C News - September 2014
Recharged, Repowered, and Ready to Make Change
For those in the northern hemisphere, summer vacation is officially over and as we head into autumn many of us are refocusing on our careers. Whether you spent time away or just enjoyed the lazy days of summer, now’s the time to recharge, repower, and get ready to make change.
Recharged, Repowered, and Ready to Make Change
Making change and creating impact—whether in your career or in the larger global workplace—require thoughtful and strategic planning. We at Catalyst are focused on change for all women, feminists, and those who support equality and want to drive change toward progress and advancement. Next month we’ll be rolling out a campaign to shake up the status quo, so stay tuned!

In this issue of C-News you’ll find Catalyst tools to take your career to the next level and/or shift in a new direction, from finding a mentor and sponsor to asking for flex time to joining a corporate board.
Blog Post
Is “Disruption” the Silver Bullet for Achieving Parity in the Workplace?
We mentioned that next month we’re unveiling a new campaign. Here’s a hint at what we have in store.
Getting a Sponsor

Catalyst research has found that while mentoring is essential for leadership development, it is insufficient for advancing to top levels. That’s why sponsorship is key to the advancement of high potentials. But where do you begin? This tool is designed for current sponsors, people who want to become sponsors, and protégés, and it will help you:
  • Learn why sponsorship is important.
  • Set yourself up for sponsorship.
  • Learn how to be an effective sponsor.
  • Ensure a successful relationship.
Becoming a Sponsor

Catalyst has also found that being a sponsor reaps rewards. In fact, in our study, women who sponsored other women:
  • Received positive feedback from management.
  • Enhanced their skills.
  • Had an increased knowledge of company needs and opportunities.
  • Reaped personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Gained information that helped them learn and grow in their respective careers.
Are you planning to create a sponsorship program at your organization? This useful toolkit will help you develop sponsorship-related training modules or individual development plans.

Additionally, our report, Sponsoring Women to Success offers data, practices, and participant insights that provide real advice on how to foster sponsorship within organizations.
Is It Time for You to Flex?
Ensuring that all employees—parents and singles, women and men—have access to workplace flexibility enhances its associated business impact. When people have the option to work remotely or on their own schedule, they are able to do their job in a way that empowers them.
  • Find out whether flex is for you and how to request a flexible work arrangement.
  • Learn how to successfully manage flex employees.
  • See if your organizational culture is supportive of flexible work arrangements.
Get on a Board
Joining a corporate board is a huge career step. But how do you know you’re ready? And how, as a manager, can you use board service as a development tool?
  • Check out Women On Board®, a Catalyst initiative that promotes the appointment of women to corporate boards by selecting and pairing women corporate director candidates with mentors and champions.
  • Get insight from the 2013 Catalyst CEO Summit, which convened CEOs and senior leaders from major companies to discuss women in the boardroom. Find out how they are making change in their organizations and what you can do to make change in your organization.
  • As a manager, learn how to use board service as a way to develop executive leadership.
Share Power
In order to incite change in the office, sometimes you need to make change at home. But if one person has been carrying the burden of managing the household, how do you change a habit or attitude that may have been learned over the course of an entire lifetime? In this post, our own Makiko Ishizawa shares her experience in Japan and how a shift toward equality at home could mean a much broader cultural shift for Japanese women—at work and in the family.
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