October 2018: Solutions and Tools You Can Use

Solutions and Tools You Can Use
October 15 marks the 9 th annual Catalyst Canada Honours , an event that celebrates exceptional role models for accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion. Our July issue featured all of our inspirational Champions, but we also have some amazing sessions planned for those joining us at the conference in Toronto. If you can’t attend, we’re going to share some of them here as well as highlight some additional research and tools so it’s almost like being there in person.
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#MeToo—What’s Next?
The #MeToo movement has exposed workplace sexual harassment as an often ignored, tacitly condoned, hidden, and important issue. Despite anecdotes that point to a “chilling effect” where men and women are reluctant to engage in workplace relationships as coaches, mentors, and sponsors, we know that most want to be part of the solution.
Learn strategies and tactics for organizations and leaders committed to making change and ways in which individual employees can help create fair, safe, and respectful workplaces by interrupting behaviors that demean or diminish their colleagues.
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Be Intentional, Accelerate Your Career
There are two critical skills necessary for advancement: 1) building mutually beneficial relationships with influential others and 2) making achievements visible in ways that benefit you and your organization.
Leveraging Differences to Increase Innovation
In an era of global competitiveness, disruption and innovation are no longer anomalies of chance or luck. Rather, they are essential ingredients for corporate competitiveness and survival. Catalyst research shows that when employees feel included , they are more likely to innovate and contribute to their teams. Learn how to leverage employees’ differences using the competencies of an inclusive leader
What Does it Mean to be a “Good Man” in an Era of Global Women’s Movements? 
What makes a “good man” today? How do men really feel about our current culture? What happens if you don’t know what’s expected of you, or worse, aren’t sure you want to do it? How do men combat a reluctance to form or support cross gender relationships at work? And how can women, men, and organizations partner to support progress for not only for women but for all?
Equity on the Courts
Leveling the playing field in terms of equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, is something that many sectors have yet to sort out, and the sports industry is no exception. While evidence shows that pay equity is not only the right but also the smart thing to do, women professionals, hourly workers, and athletes continue to be overlooked and underappreciated.
Global Corner
October 31, Tokyo—D&I: Gender, LGBTQ, and Beyond
How do we create a truly inclusive work environment if we don’t engage all of our employees? When thinking about all dimensions of diversity, it takes each of us to create a workplace that fits for everyone. Join Catalyst in Tokyo on October 31 , to learn more common challenges across all dimensions of diversity to combat unconscious bias, as well as specific barriers facing female and LGBTQ employees.
Catalyst CEO Champions For Change
About Catalyst CEO Champions For Change
Women make up about 51% of the US population, earn 60% of all master’s degrees, and control or influence more than 70% of consumer spending. Yet only about 5% of CEOs are women, 26.5% of executives and only about 21% of board seats are held by women in the S&P 500. Learn more.
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