October 2017: Take Control of Your Role

C-News: October 2017
Take Control Of Your Role
Fall is a peak time for finding a new job you love. For new graduates looking for their first full-time role and seasoned professionals seeking a change, this time of year is ripe with opportunity for advancement—both financial and in stature.

And while pay is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about workplace negotiations, in reality you negotiate many aspects of your career, including bids for more satisfying and challenging roles. So how do you do that and what are some winning strategies for role negotiation? Read on to find out…
Take Control Of Your Role
Research: Get Access to the Hot Jobs That Give you a Leg UpResearch
Get Access to the Hot Jobs That Give you a Leg Up

Role negotiation is a winning strategy that benefits individuals looking to move their way up the ladder. In fact, according to our report, Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs, women and men high potentials who reported greater success in role negotiation also:

  • Reported greater access to two important types of hot jobs: roles with P&L responsibility and projects with C-suite visibility.
  • Saw themselves as more innovative in their work.
  • Saw themselves as more likely to remain with their current organizations.

So how can you learn these strategies? Keep reading...

Infographic: Seven Tips to Negotiate Your Way to a More Challenging and Satisfying RoleInfographic
Seven Tips to Negotiate Your Way to a More Challenging and Satisfying Role

Want to feel more empowered? Challenge yourself and learn new skills? Maximize your access to “hot jobs”—the large, highly visible projects, mission-critical roles, and international assignments that provide critical on-the-job development opportunities and accelerate career advancement? This infographic offers seven tips to boost your chances and is the perfect way to open the door to successfully negotiating your role.

Seven Tips to Negotiate Your Way to a More Challenging and Satisfying Role

Seven Tips to Negotiate Your Way
to a More Challenging and Satisfying Role

Tool: Get the Tools to Assess and Advance Your CareerTool
Get the Tools to Assess and Advance Your Career

Our Career Pathways Toolkit comprises three tools with interactive self-assessments and self-guided activities to help you think more comprehensively about the behaviors, relationships, and competencies necessary to advance your career.

  1. Assess your career advancement strategies
  2. Build workplace relationship self-awareness
  3. Apply proven career advancement techniques

We’d love to hear your results! Post on our Facebook page and let us know.

Blog: How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a BossBlog
How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

Ever hear that women earn less money than men because “women don’t ask”? Catalyst research says that even when women use the same career-advancing strategies as men, they still advance less quickly and experience slower pay growth. The problem isn’t that women don’t ask—it’s that they don’t always know which tactics work. Check out these pro tips from Catalyst’s own HR Director, Maighan A. Moody, on how to nail this tricky conversation.

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