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I Am A Catalyst
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A Catalyst is dedicated to making change for women and the workplace. A Catalyst understands that when workplaces embrace all leadership talent—regardless of gender—that businesses, society, and lives change for the better. This month we focus on the people and organizations that are Catalysts making a difference. You too can make change happen. You can be a Catalyst.

The Very Embodiment of I Am a Catalyst: Deborah Gillis, our next President and CEO
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As one Catalyst steps down, another steps up. Ilene H. Lang is stepping down as President, CEO, and Director of Catalyst, effective January 1, 2014. Deborah Gillis, currently Catalyst’s Chief Operating Officer, will succeed her. Deborah has had a distinguished career at Catalyst. She joined in 2006 as Executive Director of Catalyst Canada and became Vice President, North America, in 2008, introducing a new global membership model which enabled Catalyst to support members and their operations around the world. Appointed Senior Vice President, Membership and Global Operations, in 2011, and then Chief Operating Officer in 2012, she led Catalyst’s global growth strategy, expanding Catalyst’s membership and opening new offices in India and Australia. Join us in congratulating Deborah for her recognized strong voice for women in business and public leadership and THANK YOU to Ilene for being a mentor, sponsor, and guiding force for all dedicated to the vision of changing workplace and changing lives. 

Are You A Catalyst?
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How are you making a difference? Share your story of catalyzing change for women, the workplace, and the world. Upload a video today.

Catalyst Canada Honoursdotted linehonours 5Recognizing that what’s good for women is good for business, these exceptional individuals are the very embodiment of Catalysts, personally and visibly committed to the advancement of women, and serve as powerful role models for Canadian corporate leaders. At our annual Catalyst Canada Honours Conference and Dinner, we recognize individuals in a variety of categories that reflect the unique and critical roles different types of leaders play in championing diversity. 
Research: Get the Tools You Need to be a Catalystdotted line
Being a Catalyst is not always easy. We often need support and facts to back up our case for progress and change. With that understanding, we are offering you a “Bright Spot Case Study” and webinar recording showcasing how you can help pave the way to parity  and  close the gender gap.
Catalyst Accord: Women on Corporate Boards in Canada
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As corporations compete around the world for market share, ideas, and talent, it has never been more evident that women leaders are essential to business success. The Catalyst Accord is our call to action for Canadian corporations to be Catalysts and increase the overall proportion of FP500 board seats held by women to 25 percent by 2017. Find out more.

Catalyst Corporate Board Resource: Connecting CEO-Sponsored Women to Board Opportunities
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CBS 3By working with the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource and putting the weight of their personal recommendation behind women candidates, member company CEOs can be a Catalyst and directly increase boardroom gender diversity at their companies and at others while providing extraordinary leadership opportunities for top women executives. Find out how to sponsor a board-ready woman.

Catalyst Awards Dinner and Conference
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CATALYST_AWARDS-CONF-DINNERSave the date for the 2014 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner taking place on April 2, 2014, in New York City.

Catalyzing Blog
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 Look for the I Am A Catalyst blogs and vlogs – coming up in October.
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