November 2017: Be a #CatalystForChange!

Catalyst C-News: November 2017
Be a #CatalystForChange!
Making room for everyone to succeed at work is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing for business. We need to build workplaces that work for all women, including women of color—workplaces that are fair and where everyone can advance and succeed.

In this issue we’re highlighting Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Catalyst Champions), an initiative that brings together more than 50 CEOs and senior leaders who are visibly and publicly supporting and driving diversity, inclusion, and gender equality within their organizations. Find out more and how you can be a #CatalystForChange!
Be a Catalyst For Change
Report:  Everyday Heroes: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change
Everyday Heroes: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change

Catalyst Champion companies are outperforming their peers on advancing women into leadership. Our report, Everyday Heroes: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, reveals that in this collective of 50+ organizations that have taken the Catalyst pledge to accelerate change, women already hold more positions across the leadership pipeline. One of the things that sets the Catalyst Champion initiative apart is that these companies have volunteered to share their data on the number of women they have in leadership—as included in this report—so Catalyst can collectively track, measure, and report on the group’s progress.

Read the full report…

Website:   Discover, Learn, Champion
Discover, Learn, Champion

Head over to the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change website to discover and learn more about this initiative, access the Everyday Heroes report, and more. Be sure to also check out our storytelling series, "Spotlight Success Stories," to learn more about what’s working at Catalyst Champion companies to make real change happen.

Get Involved:   #30Days30Ways

All month long we invite you to join the Catalyst Champions conversation on social media, including across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We’ll be launching a new campaign, #30Days30Ways, focusing on a different gender inclusion theme and action to take daily.

Transformation: A Bold, New Look for Catalyst
A Bold, New Look for Catalyst

Today we’re unveiling a new look, logo, and tagline to highlight who we are and what we do best—helping the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies build workplaces that work for women. And we continue to be incredibly passionate about our enduring mission, “Accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion.”

Our New Tagline:
"Workplaces That Work for Women"

Our new look was prepared and delivered pro bono by Grey Advertising, which is ranked among the world’s top advertising and marketing agencies, serving one-fifth of the Fortune 500. We are incredibly grateful to have had their creative energy and commitment on this project.

Check it out on our website!

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