November 2014

C News - November 2014
Speak Up and Take Action
Today is Election Day in the United States. When citizens go to the polls they are essentially telling politicians what they want and taking a stand. Throughout the course of history, voters across the globe have used elections to break down barriers, many specific to women and other minorities, and this tradition should continue to run through everything we do.
Speak Up and Take Action
With our launch of the #DisruptTheDefault campaign last month, Catalyst is saying now is the time to think differently, speak differently, and, most importantly, take action in the world of women and work. In this issue we’ll highlight industries where women are breaking through and honor some great disruptors and champions who are making their voices heard.
#DisruptTheDefault 2015 Catalyst Awards Dinner Video Contest
Are you, or do you know, a budding filmmaker or passionate women’s champion? Create a video sharing your vision and you could win a trip to NYC! With support of our sponsor Toyota and in partnership with The Representation Project and The 3% Conference, Catalyst is looking for people to create a two-minute video that envisions a world in which all women are able to reach their full potential in the workplace. The Grand Prize-winning video will be showcased in front of approximately 1,600 business leaders and CEOs at the 2015 Catalyst Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City on March 26, 2015. Get full details and help us spread the word: #DisruptTheDefault.
Profiles in Disruption
Profiles in Disruption

In our new Profiles in Disruption blog series, we’ll introduce you to people who are taking concrete steps to create a better world for women, men, girls, and boys. #DisruptTheDefault is a call to action for individuals and companies to make bold moves that forge meaningful change for women and men in the workplace—and the world! It’s also about showcasing how others are doing this in their lives and their companies.
Disruption Dates
Disruption Dates

Throughout history important people and significant events have shaped the way we see things, think things, say things, and do things. They have jarred our norms and opened up opportunities for many who, before these people or events, were without. In recognition, and as part of #DisruptTheDefault, we have put together a monthly calendar of history makers that we hope inspires your own disruption. Check it out, learn more about the campaign, take the pledge, and film a video!
Where Are the Women in Tech?
Technology-intensive industries including oil and gas, hi-tech, and energy have grown rapidly in the 21st century, and need employees with both the technical and managerial leadership skills to ensure their success. Our latest report shows that the STEM pipeline for women is leaky in part due to an unwelcoming culture. This report and infographic look into how tech-intensive companies can #DisruptTheDefault and attract and retain high-potential female talent from day one and hold on to them over time.
5 Things STEM Companies Can Do to Attract and Retain Women
“1985 called. It wants its cause back.” Almost 30 years after an IBM ad called for gender equality in engineering, a significant gender gap persists in STEM fields. However, there are many actions male-dominated organizations can take to successfully attract and retain women. Find out five things to consider…
Get Inspired by Those Who’ve Spoken Up
Ask Deborah: Advice to my 30-Year-Old Self
What’s on your mind? In our new column, we invite you to ask Deborah Gillis, Catalyst's President and CEO, questions about women, work, and her perspective on life at [email protected]. In her inaugural column, Deborah tells us what advice she’d give her 30-year-old self. Read what she has to say…
The power of hashtags
How can you make your voice heard? Many organizations, causes, and individuals are using powerful hashtags to make an impact. Think #YesAllWomen, #HeForShe, #WhyIStayed, #EverydaySexism, and of course, #DisruptTheDefault. This article discusses the power of hashtag Feminism and how social media is amplifying women’s voices.
Creating Inclusive Leadership App
Did you know that employees who feel included at work are more likely to be innovative and better team players? Use this free Catalyst app to explore what it means to feel included, as well as barriers to inclusion and how managers and organizations can ensure they create an inclusive environment. Download it now from the App Store.
Champions Who Made Change
At the Catalyst Canada Honours Conference and Dinner on October 8, we paid tribute to men and women who’ve Disrupted the Default and made change for women in the workplace.
  • Dean Johnson, Past President and CEO, Sodexo Canada Ltd. (Company/Firm Leader Champion)
  • Ellen Moore, President and CEO, Chubb Insurance Company of Canada (Company/Firm Leader Champion)
  • Sharon MacLeod, Vice President, Personal Care North America, Unilever (Business Leader Champion)
  • Zabeen Hirji, Chief Human Resources Officer, RBC (Human Resources/Diversity Leader Champion)
  • The Hon. Howard I. Wetston, Q.C., Chair and CEO, Ontario Securities Commission (Special Recognition – Board Diversity Champion)
Upcoming Events
November 5, 2014
Real Solutions Consulting Workshop: Developing a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for Sustainable Cultural Change
Dallas, TX
November 5, 2014
Real Solutions Consulting Workshop: Developing a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for Sustainable Cultural Change
Calgary, Alberta
November 5, 2014
Learning from Women @AT&T: Mobilizing Our Aspirations
November 18, 2014
Inclusion: The Forgotten Business Imperative, Hosted by Cisco
North Carolina
November 19, 2014
Catalyst Europe Roundtable: Men Advocating Change
November 19, 2014
Catalyst Canada: Website Walk Through
November 20, 2014
Inclusive Leadership Panel
San Francisco
November 26, 2014
Catalyst Connects: Vancouver
November 27, 2014
How to Apply for the 2015 Catalyst Canada Honours
December 2, 2014
Men Who Get It: Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives
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