May 2015

C-News: Developing Leadership
Developing Leadership
Are you a great leader? How can you become even better?
C-News: Developing Leadership
Every organization wants to have the best. Yesterday we kicked off the ERLI 2015: Igniting Inclusion Through Employee Resource Groups event, and we shared ideas and practices about becoming better leaders who can amplify inclusion.

This issue of C-News is chock full of tools to help your organization assess the health of its leadership and help you become a more intentionally inclusive leader.
New Member-Only Content for the Catalyst App
New Member-Only Content for the Catalyst App
We are excited to unveil the first Catalyst member-only content issue within the Catalyst App. Vital Signs: Strengthen Your Talent Pipeline, designed exclusively for Catalyst member organizations at all stages of the diversity journey, can help you assess the “health” of your organization and impact the shape of programs to develop your team, department, or organization to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce. Download it for iPad and Android Tablet today.
ERLI 2015: Igniting Inclusion Through Employee Resource Groups
ERLI 2015: Igniting Inclusion Through Employee Resource Groups

The Catalyst Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI) engages and connects Employee Resource Group leaders—for any demographic—across companies, industries, functions, and regions to share ideas and practices while learning concrete ways to build and leverage greater inclusion. The inaugural conference for ERG leaders and executive sponsors took place on May 4 – 5, 2015, at BMO's Institute for Learning in Toronto. Through a variety of formats including virtual and live events, Catalyst’s ERLI will train ERG leaders to drive inclusion within their companies at the individual and group levels. Find out more about this initiative today.
How Do You Become a Better, More Inclusive Leader?

The following resources will help get you there!
Become a Better Leader With CatalystX

Great for individual learners, intro to inclusive leadership, and anyone with a desire to learn and connect with others globally in a massive open online course (MOOC). The virtual learning experience, in partnership with edX, the nonprofit online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard, allows for unlimited worldwide participation. Our first course, Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming an Inclusive Leader, is now available in archive, with our second course coming later this year.
Leading With Inclusion

Our new, instructor-led leadership development suite of solutions, Leading With Inclusion, is great for group learning. Bringing together the expertise and research of Catalyst with the instructional design and consultative expertise of BlessingWhite, Leading With Inclusion is a positive, research-based approach to developing leaders who can effectively tap into all the benefits of a diverse workforce. Learn more about the initiative and the multi-model learning suite now.
Advancing Women in Tech-Intensive Industries

Catalyst’s latest member-only interactive tool focuses on how organizations can help women working in tech-intensive industries. Through organizational self-assessments, examples of corporate practices, and suggestions for how to take action, this tool will help your organization assess its culture and current practices, and identify concrete strategies for closing the gender gap. Check out a fun and enlightening quiz, adapted from the new tool in our blog, Catalyzing this Thursday.

Also check out our related infographic, Women in Computing, which shows that with some intentional efforts, signs of improvement as real possibilities.
Ask Deborah: What Does Global Inclusion Look Like?

In today’s world, diversity no longer refers only to gender and race, but to culture, language, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, generational differences, and so much more. How can you prevent biases you may not be aware of from affecting your decision-making? In this post, Deborah discusses the importance of understanding the true value of inclusion and making it a core part of how you do business. Read more.
Catalyst at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Several Catalyst experts have been asked to participate in multiple sessions at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, the premier conference for more than 10,000 students, academics, scholars, and professionals in the scholarly management and organization space being held August 7-11, 2015, in Vancouver, British Columbia. For additional information about these sessions, and to register, please visit our Events page.
Disrupt the Default to Achieve Gender Parity at Work

Breaking down and disrupting any system is a high-risk endeavor. But it does get us farther—and learning from setbacks seems better than maintaining the status quo for our workplaces, employees, and societies. Vice President of Global Marketing Michael Chamberlain shares his thoughts on the struggle to achieve gender parity in the workplace and the importance of doing so.
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